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Andrew Lavenziano

Executive Producer of the Hollywood Film “The Baby Boomer Dilemma”

Because of Andrew’s mission to help people have a successful retirement he became an Executive producer of this PG Rated Motion Picture Association Documentary.

The film uncovers the truth of America’s failed retirement experiment and why so many baby boomers are left to fend for themselves to figure out how to retire, after working 35-40 years.

The film’s cast is arguably the most highly regarded cast ever put together in a film about finance. It has 7 Ph.D. economists and 2 Nobel prize winning economists, plus the former Comptroller General of the USA, SEC whistleblowers, Congressmen, Former Presidential Advisors, and even the creator of the 401(k).

In the film you will discover:

  • Why state governments were lying to employees to get them off their pensions.
  • How government regulation killed traditional retirement and why the 401(k) was created.
  • How money managers are legally stealing from American Retirement plans.
  • How you can increase your retirement income from social security by 76%!
  • How to measure wealth at retirement (HINT: It’s not the size of your nest egg.)
  • What Nobel Prize winner Robert Merton says is crucial to creating a successful retirement.
  • The riskiest time to invest your money. This is the 1 time you NEVER want to lose money.


Andrew authored the book No Doubt Wealth to help people understand the secrets of true wealth.

Warren Buffet once said “The first rule to wealth is never lose your principle, the second is; never forget rule number 1.”

That’s what No Doubt Wealth teaches. How to protect your wealth so you don’t lose it when market crashes happen.

But it’s more than that. It also shares how to protect yourself from taxes and inflation as well.

These are all enemies of wealth that must be defeated if you want to enjoy a successful retirement.


Andrew started his career in the finance industry on Wall Street.

“I did it all. I was day trading, handling private overseas accounts, and eventually became a principle at the firm. At one point I took an opportunity to work with Countrywide’s Wholesale Lending Division in the mortgage banking side of the financial industry.”

At Countrywide Andrew had a front row seat leading up to the subprime crash…the disaster that collapsed the entire finance sector.

“I could see it coming in 2007, well before all the news outlets were covering it. It was a disaster. Regional banks were folding left and right but nobody knew about that because they were smaller organizations. But all of that led to the larger banks having the liquidity crisis and the dominoes just kept falling.”

“It was a terrible time for almost everyone. For some, the stress of people losing their money was too much to bear. Circumstances led Brokers to commit suicide because they couldn’t face either their clients or themselves who lost it all.”

“Marriages and relationships were coming apart, including mine.”



The horrifying experiences during the subprime disaster and the market crash of 2008 led Andrew to develop his Mission: To help people avoid the disastrous losses from ever happening again while making sure people achieve the retirement lifestyle and standard of living they’ve dreamed about their entire lives.

“I am committed to ensure while my clients are either preparing for or are already retired will never have to experience the loss, the fear and the financial disaster of losing their life savings, which I witnessed first-hand while working on Wall Street in 2008.”

“Most people don’t think it’s going to happen to them. Still, I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it and trust me, even if you have Social Security, a pension and that money saved in your 401K it can all disappear if you don’t have it in assets that not only keep it safe but protect it from major market corrections.”


To learn more about Andrew’s background and mission see the featured article in yahoo finance.



His expertise in finance got him appointed as a Pension Trustee for IATSE - The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees on the local level for the past 6 years. Managing over 125 million dollars his collaborated effort has led to the successful surplus of over 125% funding rate. “Pensions are only as good as the people who run them,” he says. “It is my responsibility to secure and protect the retirement funds of the members. I take that duty seriously. The same care should be taken by people who are managing their own retirement. It’s critical that you have a plan to ensure your personal retirement is fully funded so you don’t run out of money when you need it most in your later years.”

With his extensive experience managing pensions and being in the world of finance for the past 2 decades he’s definitely seen a lot.

“Many pensions are terribly underfunded. As you see in my film “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” people counting on pensions are going to be surprised when they don’t get the money they were promised.”

“One of the experts in the film reveals that pension funds are showing a 6% or 7% return on their assets when they are really only getting 1% or 2%. How are they going to pay their obligations?” By making pensioners take less, having them work longer?

One of the reasons for this pension and retirement crisis is because of the risky investments pension and retirement fund managers are using. The MTA, which operates the NYC Subway, Teachers in Arkansas, Blue Cross Blue Shield and The Teamsters pension systems collectively lost billions during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. How?

The Pension Fund Trustees and fund Managers were allowing investing in high-risk hedge funds. Why do they keep doing this, and falling for one of the oldest games in the industry of promises being made for higher returns with investment vehicles that maybe nobody can understand? I will never tolerate to this day why in the world this is allowed with people’s retirement money. Yet even today they are starting to introduce cryptocurrencies allowable into retirement funds, haven’t we seen enough?

"The question is, do you want your own retirement at risk? Or do you want the certainty of knowing you’ll have the income you need when you need it most?"

The L.A.I.R. SIZE - UP & Mastermind Team



With the help of his Master Mind Team Andrew has developed a unique process called The L.A.I.R. SIZE - UP, so people can actually have certainty that they are getting the very most for their retirement. This includes knowing that even if expenses go up, or inflation erodes buying power you can have enough income to enjoy a successful retirement.

Be in the FINANCIAL POSITION to do more of the things you LOVE
while not having to forfeit your Standard of Living.

The New Yorker – The Fire Fighter

Andrew, a lifelong New Yorker for over 35 years grew up in a small town on Long Island with a traditional family lifestyle most kids would dream of. His father, grew up in NYC, was in the army and became a Carpenter while his mother who also lived in NYC became a stay at home mom and eventually a librarian.

“We eventually had a Brady Bunch style family. I have an older brother and sister that I grew up with and acquired 2 more brothers and 1 more sister by marriage.”

Andrew was raised in a traditional blue collar community where everyone knew each other. His group of friends played little league, hung out on the railroad tracks and eventually became junior firefighters with an Explorer Boy Scout troupe.

Growing up I watched my father become a firefighter, my brother become a firefighter, and my uncles were NYC firefighters. So I followed, along with a bunch of my buddies from little league and my very best childhood lifelong friend. It has been a very special and dedicated part of my life. To this day I currently reside in New Jersey serving as an active firefighter, although at the time I thought 9/11 would have been my last call.

I’m still friends with many of those selfless guys today. Some relationships you want to hold onto for life.

To hear more about Andrew’s experience, click the link below to hear an interview with SpeakUp a publication in Italy, as they explore the opening of The 9/11 Memorial: The 9/11 Memorial

City Life – Farm Life

For a New Yorker Andrew had an interesting opportunity to experience farm life even though he essentially grew up in the city.

“I spent weekends at my Grandparents on my father’s side hanging out on fire escapes and counting cabs or going to the park across 2nd avenue and 34th street where one of my uncle’s was the parks attendant. I’ll never forget him, he always fed the homeless. The highlight was to go up The Empire State Building which we did many, many times.”

My folks didn’t have a lot of money to send me to sleep away camp so my summers were sometimes spent in Black Creek, North Carolina on the farm where my grandfather on my mother’s side was born and raised.

“I loved my time there. It was so different from city life and country life became part of my soul.”

“I feel like I got the best of both worlds working on the farm and growing up near a big city. All in all you learn a lot about hard work and the different skills it takes to run a farm.”


Service has been a core value in Andrews’s life since he was young.

He has been in the service industry his whole life.

At 9 years old he served his community with his paper route, painting his neighbors fences, shoveling their snow and raking their leaves.

  • He serves as a volunteer firefighter protecting life and property.

  • He serves people to enhance their image.

  • He serves as a pension trustee securing retirement funds.

  • He serves his clients to help improve their financial lives.

“I just feel good when I can help other people feel good about themselves, or improve their lives in some way. That’s why whether it’s fighting fires, or setting someone up for retirement, I get enormous personal satisfaction in helping others.”

The first half of Andrew’s life which is now something he does as a hobby and a way to get out of the office has been this creative artistic side which led him from Entrepreneurship with his own company to maximize his craft in shaping the images of and rubbing shoulders with the stars. Further assisting with their financial questions and concerns as he works with them 1 or 2 days a week for part of the year.

“I seem to always find myself serving others while helping them feel good about themselves in one way or another. Whether it’s personal, professional or financial it’s truly an honor to support those who seek my help. If I can be that person, if nothing other than to listen, I’m one privileged individual because I’ve met some real amazing people throughout my life within my family, my community, my careers, Firematically, onscreen, onstage, and behind the scenes."

“I hope I’ve left my mark in their lives, in some way at least a little bit.”

Here are some testimonials about Andrew’s service to others:

“Andrew Lavenziano is an excellent consultant for health care, senior care, and retirement options. He is knowledgeable, cares about his clients, quickly follows up on their needs, and is readily available. These are the things that count.” – Myra Zarnowski

“I’ve had the privilege of Andrew Lavenziano helping me organize my retirement process as well as my investments’ process. In today’s market you need someone whom you could really trust. I’ve seen too many cases where individuals have invested their time and energy into an investment and lost everything. Needless to say, I was very cautious about investing. Mr. Lavenziano made this process understandable and comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone that’s serious about any investment at all.” – Paul E. Harvey

“I have known Andrew for a number of years and he has constantly demonstrated devoted client service to my union health fund. Not only was he knowledgeable in products available, he offered products and alternatives for my particular needs. Furthermore, he is fully engaged with his clients and responsive to their needs. It has been my pleasure to work alongside such a professional and attentive businessman.” – Laurie Greco

“I have used Anderew Lavenziano’s services. Most recently for life insurance. He is very attentive and replies quickly to all my questions. He researched many options and explained the various types of insurance. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future. He is very professional and knowledgeable.” – Donna Feiola